Private Equity

Explore the Opportunities in Your Investment Journey

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving financial landscape, diversifying investment portfolios has become crucial. Enter Private Equity – a pathway to explore exclusive opportunities, expand portfolios, and capture the essence of dynamic investments.

Why Private Equity Matters in Your Lifestyle

Private Equity isn’t just an investment avenue; it’s a catalyst for those seeking to transcend traditional investment limitations. It empowers investors to:


  • Participate in Growth: Gain direct access to companies with significant growth potential and actively contribute to their success.
  • Diversify Portfolios: Add a layer of diversity and resilience to your investment portfolio by venturing beyond conventional asset classes.
  • Shape the Future: Contribute to shaping the future by supporting innovative startups or enhancing established businesses.
  • Generate Long-Term Value: Engage in opportunities that focus on building long-term value and fostering sustained growth.


What is Private Equity?

Private Equity is a sophisticated investment approach that involves acquiring equity ownership in companies not publicly traded. It grants investors the chance to directly engage with businesses poised for growth and innovation.

General Types of Private Equity

Venture Capital

 Fueling the growth of startups and early-stage companies.

Buyout Funds

 Acquiring controlling stakes in established companies for restructuring or expansion.

Private Deb

Investing in non-publicly traded company debt securities

Mezzanine Financing

A hybrid of debt and equity financing, ideal for various growth-oriented financial needs.

Requirements & Eligibility for Private Equity Investment:

To participate in the realm of Private Equity, investors are typically required to meet specific criteria:

Financial Sophistication: A strong understanding of investment strategies and a higher level of financial knowledge.

Risk Appetite: Willingness to invest capital for a prolonged period and tolerance for higher risk.

A Wide Range of Loans To Choose From

Substantial Capital: Capability and readiness to invest a significant amount for an extended duration.

Eligibility & Required Documents:


Institutional Investors: Entities meeting specific financial criteria.

Investment Portfolio Details: History of previous investments or a portfolio overview.

Durga Finvest understands the significance of Private Equity in today’s diverse investment landscape. Our dedicated team is committed to guiding eligible investors through the complexities of Private Equity investments, ensuring they unlock unique growth opportunities and secure their financial future.

Accredited Investor Status: Meeting defined wealth and income thresholds.

Accredited Investors: Individuals with significant net worth and proven financial standing.

Required Documents:

Proof of Identity: Valid government-issued identification.

Financial Statements: Documents showcasing financial capabilities.



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Private equity is a form of investment that involves investing in private companies or taking public companies private by purchasing their shares.


Private equity firms make money through a combination of management fees and a share of the profits generated from their investments, often referred to as carried interest.


Private equity investments are typically long-term, with an average holding period of around 4 to 7 years.


Private equity firms often work closely with portfolio companies to improve operations, streamline processes, and implement growth strategies to increase the value of the company.


Private equity investments can be high risk due to the illiquid nature of the investments and the potential for companies to fail. However, they can also yield high returns.